Our Story

I LOVE the Black Hills. I love hiking in them… and I love spending time in my yard puttering around or in the house potting and finding just the right spot for a particular plant. But I’m never alone. I am under constant supervision.

I have little, if any, real knowledge of plants and my income is pretty basic. There’s nothing extra, so I usually have to figure out how to do stuff myself and for very little money.

The Black Hills covers a couple different zones. We have wildlife and climate issues… and I’ve discovered that whenever I look for answers, I have to wade through copious amounts of information to find something that pertains to me and my situation.

I figured I was not alone in that, so I decided to share my journey and everything I learn on my way. And mistakes and second guesses, too.

My videos are usually last minute decisions made while I’m knee deep in a project. And I have a lot of projects. Everything I do is designed to bring me home to be a full-time stay at home dog mom.

Meet The Gang

I’ll be sharing local deals and artisans that I like and hope you do, too. Some of those links might be affiliate. I say might, because at the moment, I have no affiliate links, but I do hope to make a few bucks on this eventually.

I have another project that I started several years ago and have only recently decided it kind of needs to make a few bucks, because it’s not free to do. Think Positive: Daily Affirmations, a podcast that is a couple minutes each day.

I’ve also created a membership site for podcast listeners who would like a bit more. It is loaded with videos I took and edited.

That membership is SUPER inexpensive, and it eventually will help me become a stay-at-home full-time Dog Mom.

You can check that out on my main site Dachia.com

My goal is to be at home. Really. I can’t think of anything better than being at home with these guys. Except maybe on a trail with them. As mentioned, I’ve got a few projects going that I’m hopeful will bring me home and support these little hooligans.

We are an eclectic group. My brother and I have a sort of ad hoc special needs rescue. It’s been mostly dogs, so far, but we are open to other critters who need a home and have no other options.

You are welcome to leave a voicemail message for me with that button on the right hand side.


Founder, Owner… full time dog-mom, very soon